Shipping Process


  • Once you have accepted our price quote for transporting your vehicle,
  • You can either place your order online.
  • After you will receive a confirmation email with all the order information.
  • If there is anything that you would like to change or update, simply REPLY to this email at any time. 
  • As soon as the above takes place, a transport organizer will begin scheduling your vehicle for transit.
  •  At this time we will need to charge the predetermined security deposit as stated in your contract. 
  • When you  arrives to ou location, we will inspect your vehicle for any pre-existing damage,
  • providing you (or the person you have authorized  your vehicle) with a copy of report.
  • Your vehicle will then be loaded onto the trailer and transported to its destination.
  • Throughout the shipment, you  will be able to track your vehicle until it reaches its destination. 
  • Once at the destination, it is your responsibility to inspect the vehicle and compare any pre-existing damage
  • (noted on the Bill of Lading provided upon pickup) to any new damage that may have taken place during the transport
  •  Damage caused during transport is very rare for all auto shipping companies.
  • Should there be any damage, make sure that the driver or representative signs off on it and marks it on the updated Bill of Lading.
  • Make sure not to lose your copy. After this has been completed, ask the representative to provide you with their cargo coverage agent’s
  • phone number.Once this has been provided, please contact our office, at which time we will advise you on how to file your claim
  • so that you are fully compensated and your vehicle is restored to original condition as quickly as possible.
  1. Personal checks will not be accepted.

*If you have any further questions regarding the process of vehicle transportation, please feel free to contact us.



move your car


If you are looking to move a car in Canada or to the Unites States, handover your auto transportation related stress to the expert vehicle movers at Car Shipping Solution. Both individuals & corporate clients depend on us for car transport in Canada & beyond. With a fleet of well-maintained car carriers all with on board computer systems, we’re the most secure & largest auto transport service Canada has to offer. We use the latest online vehicle tracking system that allows you to track your shipped car throughout its travel & monitor its progress which eventually gives you a peace of mind that your costly asset is in safe hands.

Our goal is to provide on time, safe and damage free transport and it is all possible because of our robust infrastructure, wonderful, fleet of car carriers and a professional team of car movers. 

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